Polysher Medium Bundle

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Medium Bundle Includes:

1 Polysher- Smooths your prints with Polysmooth Filament

1 Polybox- Keeps your filament dry, highly recommended for Polysmooth filament, but is useful for all other types of filament as well!

1 Roll of Polysmooth

Please note that there will be a lead-time of an estimated 3 weeks, but this is the BEST deal on these Polymaker goods!

Please note which colors of polysmooth you would like in your order notes. Scroll through the pictures for available color options.  


SMOOOTH prints with the Polysher! We have tested it out here at Union and were blown away with the results. This is much safer than ABS acetone smoothing, and it is automated! 

Polymaker offers 3D printing accessories to optimize the user experience with their filaments.

The Polysher™ is a desktop post processing unit designed to remove layer lines from PolySmooth™ and PolyCast™ prints. The Polysher™ uses Polymaker’s Layer-Free™ technology to create a fine mist of alcohol which evenly smooths the model.

Compatible Material: PolySmooth™, PolyCast™Polishing Liquid: Alcohol (>70%) (IPA, Ethanol)Polishing Time: 20-40 min typical (varies based on part size, alcohol concentration and ambient temp.)


Maximum Part Size (Diameter*Height): 150mm x 180mm (5.9in x 7.1in)

Operating Temperature: 15 – 32 °C (59 – 90 °F)

Storage Temperature: 0 – 38 °C (32 – 100 °F)

Power Supply (INPUT): AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz, 0.4A

Power Supply (OUTPUT): 5V – 2000 mA ShenZhen Rongweixin Technology Co.Ltd

Polysher™ INPUT: 5V – 2000mA