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Selecting Materials: 

PLA: is the easiest polymer to print and provides good visual quality. It is the most environmentally friendly, it is rigid and
actually quite strong, but is brittle at breaking point about 60C HDT.

PETG: is a slightly softer polymer, but is very well rounded. It has better chemical and heat resistance compared to PLA.
Great for functional prototypes (about 80-85C) HDT (heat deflection temperature) and has natural UV resistance. 

TPU: is mostly used for flexible applications. It's ability for very high impact is great for various applications.

PA6-CF: is a carbon fiber reinforced PA6 (Nylon 6) filament. The carbon fiber reinforcement provides significantly improved stiffness,
strength and heat resistance with outstanding layer adhesion.

Standard Grey Resin: Great for high detailed, visual items or prototypes.

ABS-Like Resin: Great for functional prototypes and end use parts. 

Lead times: We always strive to deliver quality parts, fast and efficiently. 

Standard lead times: Please allow for up to 10 business days for production to start

Express: Please allow for up to 3 business days

Rush: Expect production to start ASAP, usually within 1 business days.

*Lead times are subject to production capacity and current demand*



3D Printing: Union 3D Printing serves businesses and individuals in their 3D Printing needs.  We have extensive 3D Printing experience and provide both SLA and FDM(FFF) as options. Choose from a wide variety of colors and materials, including PLA, PETG, ABS, Nylon, Carbon Fibre and more. We are able to print complex geometry, and models for FDM can be up to four colors! Join hundreds of satisfied customers with your idea or model that you are looking to get 3D printed.

Our current maximum print volume is 450mm X 450mm X 470mm tall. 

Do you have an idea but need help with a 3D model? We have you covered there too. Our knowledgeable staff is experienced with designing and adjusting CAD models.

There is also hundreds of thousands of free 3D models online, which can be found on sites such as https://www.thingiverse.com/ and https://www.myminifactory.com/ 


A few FDM printed examples: PLA, PETG, ABS, CF Nylon, TPU



3D Scanning: 3D scanning can be a quick and effective way to replicate a physical item. It can save on time, money and revisions that are typical with 3D modeling services. Our 3D scanner can do a turntable operation up to a maximum size of 200 x 200mm. Alternatively, we can use the scanner by hand up to a maximum size of 700 x 700mm. The accuracy is up to an incredible 0.1mm

Here are a few pictures of scanned items: BMW Bumper Bracket, quad front cover.