Esun Water Washable Resin 500g Clear

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Introducting ESun Water Washable Resin!

  • Specifically designed for LCD/LED light source to achieve better printing quality.
  • Water Washable Hard Resin, Compatible to most LCD printers using 405 nm wavelength light
  • Instead of using IPA to clean up the prints, you can use tap water to wash the prints.  Note that you still need to leave the water outside under sunlight to cure any resins.  Don't drain to sink directly.
  • Faster Printing Speed
  • Low Odor

Water washable resin has strength and property of standard rein, various color, excellent materials for art and proof of product research, Low odor and low irritation, The printed model can be washed and cleaned by water directly, Safety and Eco-friendly, High surface precision, as well excellent material for school and family education

 Water Washable ESUN resin for lcd 3d printer, 3d filament canada digitmakers

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water washable esun 3d resin digitmakers 3d printers 3d filaments 3d scanners