Dremel Idea Builder 3D20

Dremel Idea Builder 3D20

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The Hardest Working Entry-Level Extruder

Print PLA

High quality prints with resolution up to 100 microns.

Doesn't Sweat Under Pressure

Our extruder has a cooling fan built into the extruder that ensures PLA is evenly layered and misprints are minimized.

Tested to The Max

The 3D20 has been through hours of
testing to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Enclosed Build Chamber: Safe, Silent, Stylish

Play Safe

Keep out dust and prying fingers.

SSHHH.. The 3D20 is Sleeping..

The 3D20 is so quiet you will barely realize when it's running.

Stylish Drop Top Build

Looks and function: the 3D20's internal parts are easily accessible with a removable top.

Open, Plug, Print

Getting started with 3D printing has never been easier.