Dremel LC40 Laser Cutter

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Beaming With Possibilities

Dremel has entered unheard of territory with the LC40: a powerful, Desktop Laser Cutter that is easy-to-use, consistent, and most importantly, safe. Unlock full creative potential by cutting, scoring, engraving, and/or gray scaling a wide variety of materials effortlessly.


Like a perfect partner in any good relationship, the LC40 hardware is a great listener of its software.
This synchronous connection gives you the precise and clear cuts you want.



The Dremel Laser Software breaks printing down into three steps: Place, Prepare, and Print. Take the guess work out of the biggest laser cutting challenge.


Material Library is the dummy-proof way to configure print settings. Select the material type & thickness, and the software will load the preset print settings. Just click print.

Camera Capture the print bed to know exactly where you are cutting and use every inch of material. You can even use this feature to cut and engrave hand-drawn projects.

Auto Array saves you time and material by duplicating the same piece throughout your workspace with one click.

Quick Tools like rotate, scale, transform, and snap allow easy, accurate adjustments to prints.

The Largest Material Library In Its Class

Our material library doesn't play by the book. Cut, score, engrave,
and/or grayscale an endlessly growing list of materials. 

Our Material Library

Open Source Materials

Use our materials or materials from other suppliers. Works either way. 

+ Settings are presets, just click print
+ Tested for thousands of hours
+ Reliable and consistent
+ The first UL Safety approved Print Library

The Other Guys

Limited Material Options

The other guys require you to buy material off of their website. Use other suppliers and your warranty may be voided.

+ Manually insert settings
+ "Tested" but may light on fire
+ "Can smoke up your room
+ "Safe" if you live next to the fire department

The Easiest Printing Process In Town

Prepare Material

Place materials into the print bed,
up to 20" x 12" in size.

Select Material On Software

Select your material type and thickness
in the Dremel Software.

Click Print

Watch the
magic happen.


Relax, It's a Dremel

20,000 Hours of Testing And Counting
If practice makes perfect, then the LC40 is beyond perfect. To ensure reliability and consistency, we slammed, dropped, dragged, and burned the LC40.

The Rewards of Repair Without The Effort
Whether you are shining the glass lid or changing the glass laser tube, there is no need to stress. The LC40 is designed to keep maintenance at a minimum and repairs as simple as possible.

So Smart, It Monitors Itself
Keep your laser cutter running around the clock with confidence. Smart Sensors help detect and correct potential hazardous situations.

Designed to work with any Filtration configuration

During operation, laser cutters generate exhaust that may be hazardous to health. Always operate the Dremel LC40 Laser Cutter with proper exhaust ventilation and/or filtration, and always operate in a well-ventilated area. Choose the right version for your needs. Ask one of our sales staff about proper ventilation needs.